How Many Books Will We Read?

First of all, thank you to everyone who has shown an interest in our little project and offered words of encouragement!  we greatly appreciate your support!

I recently had someone ask me how many picture books there are in the library that Bubba and I are using… So today when he and I went to pick up another stack of books, I did some estimating.  Each shelf has approximately 100 picture books, and I counted 26 shelves of fictional picture books.  That means there are approximately 2,600 fictional picture books in our library.  Obviously, there are many more shelves of non-fiction in our library, but lets just use these numbers for right now.


If we break these numbers down a bit further, it gets really interesting!  I read on Christie Wright Wild’s blog that the average picture book has about 1,000 words, so we will be reading about 2.6 million words.  If I read at a pace of 120 words per minute, it will take us approximately 21,700 minutes or about 362 hours to read all the fiction books in our library.

My best guess is that we will read anywhere between 6 to 8 books a day (on average), so if we take the smaller number (reading just 6 books a day), it will take us about 433 days to get through the entire fiction section.

If you divide the time we’ll spend reading by the number of days it should take to get through the fiction section, we would average about 50 minutes of reading together per day.

Of course, even a slight adjustment in the number of books in the library or the number of words I read per minute can drastically change the time it will take us to complete our mission.  However, if all these numbers stayed accurate, we would finish the fiction section in late May 2014… Which would give us plenty of time to start the non-fiction picture book section!


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2 responses to “How Many Books Will We Read?

  1. Great idea, and I love how you’ve broken down the statistics; might be cool to do in the classroom at beginning of the year and set goals for reading the entire library. Good luck!

  2. Denni

    Okay, my personal need for precision is driving me crazy. I love the idea, but my brain keeps screaming at me “What about the books that are checked out to someone else when you hit their place on the shelf?” The worst of it is is that the best books are the ones you are most likely to miss as they are the ones most likely to be checked out.

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