Appreciating the Bad Books

One of the librarians at the library we visit commented the other day that it usually doesn’t take us very long for us to pick out our books.  I told her it’s because we’re going in order (by authors’ last names) – I don’t have to look around for specific books… We’ll get to all of them eventually!

The problem with doing it this way is that from time to time we end up with “Barbie” books (and other princess-type books aimed at young girl readers) in our bags of books.  These “girl” books end up sitting on the couch for days (and sometimes even weeks) as I procrastinate.  When I eventually do read them aloud, I struggle greatly through them.

Bag of Books

Above: A typical bag of books from our library

I I don’t struggle with them just because Bubba and I are both male – In many cases, the stories are just plain awful!  Bubba and I just finished reading a Barbie book that had no plot at whatsoever!  All it did was name and describe Barbie’s friends!  Ugh!

Barbie books

Above: Some of the Barbie books we have struggled through

Granted, not all of the Barbie books are that bad, but they don’t get much better, either.  Take for example the Barbie “Mermaid Tale” book that had Merliah surfing one second, her hair changing color (to pink, of course) the next second, and then changing back and forth from human to mermaid while saving her long-lost mermaid family.  It’s almost enough to make a guy HATE reading!

I’m sure that girls who read the “boy” books (like Superman, Batman, and Spiderman books) have the same problem, too.  I even struggle reading some of them to Bubba!  I’m not sure why, but the stories aimed at one gender tend to be very poorly “typed” (because as Truman Capote once said, “That’s not writing, that’s typing.”)

We get through these bad books, though… and they make us appreciate other books SO MUCH MORE!  I guess you have to have to experience the bad books to really appreciate the great books!


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3 responses to “Appreciating the Bad Books

  1. Grandma Carton

    Your “reads” are delightful, just like you and Bubba!! Love you!

  2. Interesting way to choose books. 🙂

  3. Why not just skip the really bad ones? I did a similar thing (reading through the shelves) last summer, but the rule was no licensed characters. That meant no Dora, Barbie, Spiderman or SpongeBob. Worked for me! Is it too late to change the rules?

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