Quick Tip for Reading to a Fussy Child

Here’s a simple tip for the parents and grandparents of little ones around Bubba’s age who have trouble keeping their child from to turning pages too early or not wanting to sit for very long: try putting a different book in their hand.

It works wonders for Bubba… He will go from squirmy and fussy to quietly flipping pages in no time!  Granted, he’s not looking at the book that I’m reading and people may wonder why I read to him at all if he’s not even looking at the book I’m reading, but there are many reasons!

First of all, when a kid starts school (whether it’s kindergarten or preschool), the teaching is mostly oral.  The kids with the largest vocabularies (these are usually the ones who’ve heard the most words in their short lives) have a huge advantage because they’re able to understand most of what the teacher says. The kids who haven’t been read to very much (with smaller vocabularies) have a difficult time understand what’s going on in the classroom, and they’re more likely to fall further and further behind in school as time goes on!

Another reason is it’s still quality time spent with your child!  Think about it… What are you and your child going to cherish more – the time you spend together silently/mindlessly watching TV shows or the time you spend together reading books in silly voices?  I think the answer is obvious!

Probably the most important reason to read to your child (even when he/she may not be paying much attention) is because reading aloud to them will instill a desire to read more when he/she gets older.

Just because your child doesn’t sit still or look at the book you’re reading to him/her doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still read to them.  Try putting another book in their hands and just keep on reading!

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  1. JKwasnicki

    Your writing brought me back to the days of bedtime stories with my children. My daughter at a very early age would sit for hours asking for one book to be read after another, no matter what the genre. My son on the other hand could barely sit still at the best of times. My husband and I discovered that the more we animated stories and the more action-filled books we read the more engaged he became. I spent more than a few nights reading Captain Underpants and The Day My Butt Went Psycho!

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