Not Even 2, but Teaching 1st Graders

I thought Bubba wore me out during the summer, but first graders during the first month of school really wear me out!  Not only that, they really test a person’s patience!  I spent a TON of time teaching them how to do the listening center in my classroom, and they just didn’t seem to get it… until Bubba came to my room and taught them how to do it.

Now you’re probably asking yourself, “How did a one-year-old help first graders learn to do a listening center?”  Well, let me back up and tell you the whole story.

The other day my wife needed to drop Bubba off at my school because I was staying late (working with my FIRST LEGO League team) and she needed to be somewhere, so there was a 15 minute window that I needed to work with my students and keep Bubba occupied.

I decided I would sit him down at the listening center to see if he’d listen to the CD I made of myself reading John Scieszka’s The True Story of the Three Little Pigs.  What happened next was absolutely amazing… Bubba did exactly what I expect my students to do at the listening center: He sat there quietly, listening, flipping the pages, and paying attention to the book!

All my LEGO League team members couldn’t believe it (and neither could I), so I took some pictures and showed it to my first graders the next day.  We talked about what Bubba did and how a one-year-old could enjoy a story at the listening center, and they were pretty embarrassed that Bubba could do something they had so much trouble doing.

The change was almost instantaneous… from that day on, my students have been amazing at the listening center!  Maybe I need to bring him in the classroom more often!

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  1. I love this story! It reinforces the need to build routines and having people MODEL how it looks/sounds. Good job, Bubba and Michael the Father. 🙂

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