McDonald’s or the Library

The other day I asked my class of 27 first graders a question that I’ve never asked any of my other classes before:  How many of them had been to any of the three libraries in our city.  I don’t know why I never thought about asking the question before, but what I learned shocked me!  Almost half of them (12) said they had never been to any of our libraries!

Take a guess how many of my students have been to McDonald’s (on multiple occasions), though… all but two.  Does this surprise anybody?

Don’t take this the wrong way… I’m in no way judging the parenting skills of the families in my classroom because I know Bubba and I will take our fair share of trips to McDonald’s together (when his mom isn’t there to tell us “No,” of course)  However, it got me thinking about an article I read online about how McDonald’s in the U.K. ran a promotion that gave away books in their Happy Meals earlier this year.

I wish McDonald’s would try the same thing here in the United States (even if it was just for a week or two)!  Think of how many kids (like my students) could benefit from a Happy Meal book!

Most likely it’ll never happen here in the U.S., and I guess I’m okay with that because I can take my class on a field trip to the library and Bubba doesn’t need a Happy Meal book when he gets to visit our library multiple times each week!

Of course, Bubba doesn’t get much of a choice when it comes to visiting our library (much like my students don’t really get a choice when or if they visit the library).  However, I’m pretty sure Bubba enjoys our visits.

This week when we arrived, he immediately ran to the librarian’s desk and started “talking” excitedly to her.  Of course, neither the librarian nor I could figure out what he was saying, but his joy and excitement about being in the library was very apparent.

I just wish all kids (especially my students) could have the same opportunity as Bubba and share in his love for the library.

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  1. GREAT post…hope you have a great school year.

    Stop by my latest post if you like.

    Happy Hopping!!
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