How Little I Know…

One of the best things about trying to read Bubba every book in our little library is that I’m constantly reading books by authors that I’ve never read before.  There have been a couple occasions where I went from never having heard of an author to a huge fan of their work!

Take, for example, author Emily Gravett.  Just the other day, I’d never heard of her, or read any of her books.  However, when we got to her section of the shelf, I was blown away by how many books she’d written – as well as the quality of each of those books!

From simple books, like Orange Pear Apple Bear, The Odd Egg, and Blue Chameleon (which Bubba really enjoyed) to Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fears (which I thought was very interesting), the more I read, the more I wondered how I had never heard of Emily Gravett before!

I have a feeling that, as Bubba and I travel on our journey, we’ll continue to “discover” other great authors like Emily Gravett… and prove the old saying true, “The more I learn, the more I learn how little I know.”

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  1. Love Orange Pear Apple Bear! Have you seen Gravett’s newest book, Again? It’s a hoot.

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