What’s Your Suggestion?

A few months back, I used all the “Bonus Points” (from my Scholastic Reading Clubs account) and purchased the Junie B. Jones Complete Collection and the Magic Tree House library.  Obviously, I won’t be reading these to Bubba anytime soon, but I figured I would start stocking up his shelves with some classic series books for when he’s reading on his own.


Does anybody have suggestions for other series books I should get for him?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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17 responses to “What’s Your Suggestion?

  1. Hi there!
    Happy reading! Some early chapter book series I would recommend are: Ivy and Bean, Franke Pickle, and Kate Messner’s Marty McGuire series. I loved reading them and so did my first graders! Those are just a few I can think of 🙂
    Jennifer Kloczko

  2. Harry Potter, Fudge books by Judy Blume, Fly Guy books (early reader), Origami Yoda books.

  3. A to Z mysteries is another one that my students like. I have read many of them too. And yes I have to read them in order! I think I am on P! Scholastic usually has deals on these too.

  4. Hi Michael – You followed me on twitter this morning which led me here. Happy New Year!
    I’m writing a children’s chapter book series so I’ve been reading a lot of these books too. It really helps me find my voice for kids! My 8-yr-old granddaughter loves The Magic Treehouse Series too. You could add those to your list.
    What are you writing?

  5. The Hank Zipzer books by Henry Winkler are awesome! My son and husband read them together when my son was about 10. They both loved them and Hank has ADD, as does my son, so the character was very relatable to my son (and husband).

  6. Chronicles of Narnia! Me & my kids both loved them!

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  8. Michael,
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  9. What about Cam Jansen? Level reader L’s … My daughter really took off with those. Just a little before Magic Treehouse. And… Henry and Mudge? My son learned on those. We read lots of them.

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