Our Friends at PBS

Lately it’s been taking longer to get through some of the books we’re reading because I’m stopping to have Bubba point to an object in the pictures or certain letter.  It’s amazing how much he’s picking up lately!  I wish I could take all the credit for his intelligence, but I know there are other factors at play… for example, his favorite TV show is Super Why! – which does an amazing job teaching letters and sounds to kids Mikey’s age.


It’s because of shows like Super Why! that my wife and I have been volunteering at our local PBS station (WQPT) for more than 10 years now.  We’ve done everything we can for WQPT; working phones and cameras during pledge drives, passing out balloons, putting on temporary tattoos, and running children’s games at special events, bidding on auction items and volunteering at their black-tie fundraiser, setting up, helping the admissions tent, serving beer, and providing security at their Brew Ha Ha fundraiser, selling pork chop sandwiches at our local PGA tournament, and the list goes on and on.


Over the years, we’ve gotten to know the staff at WQPT pretty well, and they’ve gotten to know us, too.  They always want to know what Bubba is up to, so when I told them that Bubba was going to dress up as Super Why! for Halloween, they sent him a Super Why! book, some Super Why! stickers, and some Super Why! temporary tattoos.  When we stop by the office to say, “Hi,” they always give Bubba a book to take home.  They even invite him to come to their Kids Club parties!


My wife and I are blessed to have people like our friends at WQPT in our lives, and we are so grateful they take such an interest in Bubba’s life.  Whatever success Bubba has in the future, there’s no way my wife and I can take all the credit… some of the credit will definitely have to go to our friends at PBS!


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