Inspiration Strikes at the Strangest Times

There are days I wish I would’ve carved out some exceptions to the “rules” that Bubba and I are playing by when “reading the library.” I told myself we would read every picture book, but there are some books I would much rather skip.


First on the “skip-able” list would have been all the princess (and other “girly”) books. I almost always struggle to get through these types of books (with one of the few exceptions being Victoria Kann’s Pinkalicious).


For example Bitty Baby: Loves the Snow. It’s an American Girl book, and it’s about a girl playing with her doll in the snow – all things that REALLY don’t interest me! I push through, though… and in this case, I’m actually glad I did!

Bitty Baby

That’s right! As strange as it sounds, I’m actually glad I read an American Girl book! It’s not because it was a great book, though. I’m glad I read it because (while reading it), I came up with a cool idea for a winter activity with Bubba!


In the story, the little girl wants to build a snowman but doesn’t get any help from her brother, so she ends up building a “snow caterpillar” with her American Girl doll. This got me thinking… Bubba loves The Very Hungry Caterpillar, so why not make a Very Hungry Caterpillar snow sculpture! We could find a way to color the snow, and we could use some math/science to build the arch portion of the caterpillar. Who knows, our snow sculpture might even inspire others to build snow sculptures based on their favorite books!


I guess that’s why Bubba and I read EVERY book (even though it would be much easer to skip the “girly” books)… you just never know when inspiration will hit you! It could be on a hot summer day while reading and American Girl book that you come up with a great idea for a winter activity!


If you could build a snow sculpture based on your favorite book/character, what would it be? Leave a comment below, and give us some more inspiration!


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4 responses to “Inspiration Strikes at the Strangest Times

  1. Alexis

    The tree stump from The Giving Tree.

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  3. Dr. Dea

    Enjoyed the read. Reminded me of a book I once read, can’t remember the title but probably one by Wilder of The Little House on the Prairie. Anyway, I’m a girl but don’t like girly reading–prefer nonfiction–or in today’s jargon, informational text. Anyway, my rage away from that book was growing an apple orchard and baking apple dumplings. I figured outbavrefipe from reading the text and began to work on cultivars thereafter. Still developing my orchard…40 years hence. For the life of me, can’t remember the title but I was surely changed by the read!

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